Facts You May Have Missed About Unique Wedding Ideas

We all know that when it comes to “wedding” talks there is really not much “season” to talk about. Weddings go and happen all year round because there really is no particular time when two persons fall in love and finally decide to tie the knot. A lot of ladies go by traditions and would love to be a June bride, a December bride and even a Valentine’s day wedding ceremony is sought after by many. But these things are for the mainstream as they say. Most couples decide to go where the trends are because it is popular, easier to organize and plan and most importantly a lot think that traditional weddings cost way cheaper than extraordinary wedding ceremonies out there.

There is an ongoing trend though that is gleaming nowadays on the wedding planning business and that is being unique. Not known to many people, unique wedding ideas are slowly dominating these days encouraging individuality due to the number of customization couples can get during preparation and the final event.

Unique wedding ideas are usually fulfilled with the following important aspects:


In the old times, a wedding is more like a fairy tale setup, celebrating a lady’s success in finding or being found by her prince charming and finally walking the aisle of pure love and passion. Well this is not the case anymore, every couple has a unique idea on hand and uses this to manifest their unique undying love in a special ceremony. A concept may be a representation of a couple’s similarity or a distinct connection to each other such as hobbies, dreams in life, passion and even adventures they favor the most. A special theme will lead to a more memorable ceremony making the celebrants and their visitors remember every single detail.


Fifty percent of the whole entourage experience takes place in a nice venue. A great wedding venue that compliments the concept sets the general ambience for the whole experience. May it be an indoor type where a couple chooses a small or a large function room to put the appropriate decorations and pieces in or an outdoor setting such as an enchanted garden, a mesmerizing river or a shore, getting the best venue for the wedding accomplishes most of the dirty work.

Indoor Wedding Set Riverside Wedding Set


W0373_SE150912The whole entourage will not be complete without the bride and the groom and of course their friends and families who will watch them do their vows with each other. The bride and her team sure needs to be stunning and elegant at the same time the groom and his team should be equally dashing. Motifs do not just fit in gowns and corsages with unique wedding ideas. The theme, venue and pieces should all tell a story when put together. Some couples even choose an under-the-sea setup which makes the preparation more complex but equally exciting.


A lot of people think that getting a uniquely panned wedding costs a lot more than the traditional ones. In reality, if a couple knows what they want and prompts their wedding planner with great details a unique wedding won’t be very expensive. In fact, most unique weddings were executed on a DIY preparation making them less and less expensive and more customized to the couples’ liking.

Getting a unique wedding is not that hard and extreme as many would see it.  It is more on how you want this special event to mark your love in people’s hearts.